Instant Rows Numbers

Enter this formula anywhere and sequential numbers 1, 2, 3 .... will appear in sequence in each row. Note: This won't work if the above row is not blank but you start in the top row (A1, B1, C1)

Here's a "short" version (Thanks Frank Brutsaert)


A quick way to enter row numbers is to enter the formula in the top cell of a selection, then push Ctrl and Enter at the same time. This formula also works if there is text above such as column header. (Thanks Nick Osdale-Popa)


This formula enables you to add to add text to the numbers (in this case it is "T")


This will work whether the above row is blank or not (the above formulas were actually designed that way)

Enter =ROW(INDIRECT("1:10")) for 10 sequential numbers in 10 cells as an array formula (Push Ctrl, Shift and Enter simultaneously)

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