Find Last Cell Address

Assuming range starts from cell A1 downwards.


(This does not work with blanks)

For Text


For Numbers


(You can probably use a smaller number than 9.99999999999999E+307, but make sure it is bigger than any number you might use in your file)

For Text or Numbers

This is a way that I thought up (but I may not be the first)

In B1 enter =IF(A1="","",ROW()) and drag down

Then in C1 enter =ADDRESS(MAX(B:B),COLUMN(A:A)) or =ADDRESS(MAX(B:B),1)


For a range such as A1:A100, use this formula (it will work with entire rows but not entire columns, change ROW to COLUMN for working with rows)


Must be entered as an array. (Push Ctrl, Shift and Enter simultaneously)

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